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Case Study Guidelines

Published onNov 21, 2019
Case Study Guidelines

Case studies are short descriptions of projects that have already been completed or are at an advanced stage of development. Case study write ups are not intended to be tutorials that would allow someone else to complete the same project; instead, they show how different aspects of project planning and execution looked in “real world” conditions.

All case studies are peer-reviewed. All published submissions receive full attribution, and we are happy to link to further project information or project publication. We accept submissions from people at all levels, and from any location or institution type. You do not need to have an academic or professional affiliation to submit a case study, but you do need to have been closely involved in both planning and executing the project.

All case studies must be submitted via this form. You are welcome to submit multiple projects, but you must fill out the form separately for each project. The form includes the following questions:

Section 1

  • Email Address (of the primary submitter)

  • Author Name(s)

  • Author Email Address(es)

  • Institutional Affiliation(s) (if applicable)

  • Current role(s) or title(s) (if applicable)

  • Role(s) within the assignment (e.g. “instructor of record,” “teaching assistant,” “consultant,” etc.)

Section 2

  • Case Study Title

  • Relevant Topic Areas (you may select multiple areas from these types)

  • Did anyone besides you work on this project? If so, please describe their roles and involvement in the project.

  • Does this project have a public web presence? If yes, please provide a link to the website or project page.

  • Has this project been published or presented anywhere? If yes, please provide publication/presentation information or a link to the publication.

  • Case Study Abstract (2-3 sentences focusing on the subject area, the research questions that prompted it, who was involved, and the digital methods you used)

  • Project Start Date

  • Project End Date (optional)

  • What is the outcome of the project at this point?

  • What tools, resources, programs, or equipment did you use for this project?

  • Please give an overview of the workflow or process you followed to execute this project, including time estimates where possible.

  • Please describe any costs incurred for this project, and (if relevant) how you secured funding for these costs.

  • What, if anything, changed between beginning of your project and its current/final form?

  • Is there anything specific you wish you had known when beginning your project that might help other people to know?

  • Do you have any plans to follow up on this project or work on something similar in the future?

  • Do you have screenshots, images, diagrams, or other media you would like to include in your case study? (if you select yes or maybe, we will contact you with media submission instructions).

  • Select a Creative Commons license: CC-BY, CC-0, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC-ND.

The form can be edited after submission, and you will receive an email containing your submission.

If you have further questions, please contact digitalhandbook[at]


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